How Indoor Golf Works

Indoor golf is played with real clubs and balls. Every shot is played in the simulator, from driving off the tee to hitting irons, through to putting out once on the green. Up to 4 players can play at any time.


Having chosen which course to play, you hit real golf shots into the screen five meters away. 2 ballistic radars track the flight of the ball, including launch angle speed and spin. The moment the golf ball strikes the screen, a computer-generated image of the ball takes over, flying up the fairway ready for the next shot.


The software tells the user where their ball is, what distance they have to the green, where they are aiming, and what the wind conditions are.

You play from various surfaces to represent fairway, rough and bunker.


You can set the simulator to play a whole course, or choose only the holes you wish to play. You can set the weather and wind conditions, even the pin positions and the tee positions, and if one of you needs a bit of a boost you can turbo-charge your swing so that the ball flies further...


You also decide whether you allow a mulligan - the chance to scrub a poor shot and take it again with no penalty!